Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 8AM-5PM
Friday 8AM-12:30PM

Childbirth Series Tuesdays 6-9PM
2nd Saturday each month 11:30AM-6PM

Breastfeeding Support Group
2nd Saturday each month 10AM-11AM

Life Circle Women’s Healthcare
2301 North Ocoee Street
Cleveland, TN 37311


CAPPA 20 HR Certified Lactation Educator Workshop

LifeCircle will be bringing a CLE 20 hr training to Cleveland TN October 1-3

You can register at

or by calling 1-720-291-9115

The course is approved for 21 L-cerps.

Register soon as space is limited.

Breastfeeding Support Group Saturday

The Latch onto Lactation Support Group will meet at LifeCircle Women’s Healthcare on Saturday August 8th at 10 AM

Come learn from other mothers come mentor other mothers!!!  Pre/ Post feed weight checks at every group.

Contact Jody Swank  310-7110 or Christine Sneed 284-9008 for more information.

The group is FREE and you can just drop in you do not have to register.

Saturday June 9th Breastfeeding Support Group 10-11AM

Saturday June 9th the breastfeeding support groups topic will be on Protein Allergies in infants and the diet the breastfeeding mother must follow we will give receipes and lists of protein free foods as well as helpful places to shop.  So don’t despair with more and more babies being diagnosed with true protein allergies we are here to help you through as you continue to give your baby the best nutrition your breast milk.

20 Hour Breastfeeding Course, LifeCircle, Cleveland,TN

CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) Lactation Educator 20 Hour Breastfeeding Course in Support of BFHI.

Laurel Wilson, IBCLC,CLE,CCCE has been working with families in the childbearing year for over 13 years. She serves as the CAPPA Director of Lactation Programs.   The 20 Hour course is being offered at LifeCircle Women’s Healthcare in Cleveland,TN on Friday, February 4th —Sunday, February 6th.  8:30am-5:30pm.    

To register call LifeCircle Women’s Healthcare at 339-1400 or 284-9008 or call Laurel Wilson at  1- 720-291-9115.