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July Breastfeeding Support Group Highlights, LifeCircle Cleveland,TN




Our special guest for the August Meeting will be speaking all about CLOTH DIAPERING.



NURSING STRIKE: Many things may prompt a baby to have a nursing strike. To many parents dismay, a nursing strike is real. It is key for Mom’s in particular to see if they can uncover what may be the culprit to baby “taking a strike.” Simple things could be a change in Mom’s bodywash, shampoo, clothes wash, etc. Or perhaps a change in routine or you could have a distracted baby. Or, perhaps, around six months of age or so, if a Mom reprimands baby for biting at the breast, brought on by teething, that also could set the stage for a nursing strike. For a baby taking a nursing strike, Mom’s are encouraged to set the stage for a positive feeding experience by nursing in calm environments and nursing the baby in a sleepy state. To minimize the urge to bite, offer a cold, icy rag to the baby to teethe on before feedings. For further information, please check out  Please keep in mind that babies rarely wean themselves before 18-24 months.

WHEN TO PUMP: Trying to get extra milk down for a bottle or to mix with cereal, etc? You are encouraged to pump in the morning. That is when you typically will have the most milk available. Be sure to utilize the button or setting on your pump to help you get a second let down at the end of your pumping session. It won’t be as much as a normal first let down, but could help you get an extra half ounce to an ounce more.

MASTITIS & REFLUX: Mom’s are encouraged to seek professional care immediately if you think you have mastitis. Here is a quick link to help you

For babies dealing with reflux, be sure to see the tips from the lengthy discussion at the June 2011 meeting. Other tips include keeping the baby upright, perhaps in a Moby Wrap on Mommy or Daddy. Also, you may want to invest in a Nap Nanny or a Rock-N-Play to possibly help reduce reflux symptoms. It is important for Mom’s to keep in mind that some foods can stay in the milk supply from 72 hours up to as long as one to two weeks. For babies with a milk allergy, it is a good reminder to note that some parts of milk are incorporated into products that you might not think it to have milk in. Read the labels of foods you eat and make sure you aren’t eating products with casein and whey.

MOM’S CLUB OF CLEVELAND: If you are looking for a playgroup and more for your little one(s), the Mom’s Club of Cleveland may be a group for you! They have activities weekly. They meet at the YMCA on the last Friday of the month for their business meeting including going over the activities for the month. (This month it will be on the 29th at 10:30a.m.) It costs $20 per year to join. They have many benefits to offer. If you are interested, you can check them out here

See you at our next meeting Saturday, August 13th at 10:00a.m.!

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