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LifeCircle Breastfeeding Support Group Meeting -June 2011





REFLUX (GER/GERD): GER (or GERD) is gastroesophageal reflux in babies that is like heartburn or acid reflux in adults.  It can be very mild to very painful. We discussed that typically, when a baby has reflux, the baby will arch its back, but that could also signify a need to burp. Here are some of the tips to hopefully help babies with reflux concerns. Try:

  • offering a paci for at least 20 minutes after each feeding
  • to be sure to burp the baby more frequently during each feeding (Suggested for the little ones, to try burping the baby laying high on your shoulder and rubbing its back upwards on the side (not on the spine) or patting its bottom to help encourage the burp.)
  • to ensure that you are nursing long enough for the baby to get the heavier hind-milk down (This was particularly suggested for the Mom whose baby was wanting to eat every hour, to which, she may wish to try switch-nursing-helps keep baby awake. Encouraged her to refer to  for more references on that.)
  • to avoid foods that may cause the reflux. Keep in mind things like onions, garlic, caffeine, teas, sodas, hearty greens, etc can aggravate reflux. One Mom shared items she removed that helped her baby were orange juice and tomatoes, and tomato based dishes.
  • nursing baby in a calm environment where the feeds can be uninterrupted.
  • swaddling the baby during the feed to help keep the baby calm and still, along with wearing socks to help with sensory issues that may be keeping baby from focusing on eating.
  • nursing the baby so the baby is at an incline during the feed at not laying baby down right after a feeding.

Also, Mom’s, if you happen to have these books on hand, they also have some tips for helping with GERD/Reflux. Check out “What to Expect the First Year”, “The Happiest Baby on the Block” and “The Baby Whisperer.”


FAST LET DOWN: Mom’s with a fast let down of their milk were encouraged to nurse the baby laying down in the bed with the baby beside them or in a very reclined position with the baby on their chest/tummy so the flow was not as fast. This could also help with reflux symptoms as well. Once again referred to for specific tips. Mom’s can also try compression as explained on Jack Newman’s website.


Sometimes Mom’s may experience symptoms of a fast let down and reflux together. It could possibly be that your baby is getting hungry and doesn’t want to wait to eat and once at the breast may also swallow air with the first portion of the feed causing air to get into the belly and needing to burp right into a feeding. For Mom’s in this case, they are encouraged to anticipate the baby’s feedings and offer the breast immediately if feeding on demand and try to follow baby’s routine closely. Charting the baby’s feedings for a week or more may help identify a routine to better help Mom’s know when to expect the feedings. If done in conjunction with what foods you eat, could also help Mom’s identify what foods may be aggravating the reflux in baby as well.


TEETHING/BITTING: For baby’s wanting to put some teeth into their feedings, Mom’s were encouraged to offer teething rings before a feed as well as offer a teething biscuit (if age appropriate) before a feeding to hopefully help baby alleviate some of the desire to bite during a feeding. Also, pain numbing gels and pain relievers were not helping one Mom and some suggested trying the Amber Teething Necklace. Little Twigs (call first to ensure availability) on Manufacturers Road, in north Chattanooga carries them as well as available online.


CLOTH DIAPERING: A few mom’s discussed cloth diapering and a mom suggested that if you wanted to give it a try it you could type in “cloth diaper trial” in your online search engine. She said one of the first ones you hit, offer to send you a variety of diapers for $160 and you then send them back once you’ve tried them for up to 3 weeks and they will issue you back $140. Said that could be an easy way to try cloth diapering without going overboard on an investment that you may not be sure about doing as well as help you decide what brand may work best for you.



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