LifeCircle Women’s Healthcare, Cleveland, TN

I had the pleasure to meet a new patient today who had moved here from Michigan.  She gave LifeCircle such a nice complement I wanted to pass it on… The patient said that LifeCircle was the nicest office that she had ever been to, she said that the entire staff was so friendly and treated her like family.  She said that she has often felt like a “number” instead of a person at other Dr’s offices.  Thank you LifeCircle Women’s Healthcare staff for going above and beyond as you do everyday to help our patient’s feel appreciated and cared for.   

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  • Becky Lee says:

    I just wanted to express my graditude for the EXELLENT care I received throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I could not ask for better care than I received at LifeCircle. I would like to extend a special thank you to Dr Wolf, Dr Buchwalter, and Christine for the care and education they gave me. My experience way above and beyond my expectations! All the nursing staff was amazing as well. I hope my story can be used to educate other new moms to take the birthing classes.(and sit on that ball everyday!!!) I feel like information my husband and I learned in class is the reason I had such a great birthing experience. Same goes for breastfeeding as well. I am a proud mother of a beautiful, healthy, 8 week baby girl all thanks to you!

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