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Cervarix Vaccine @ LifeCircle Women’s Healthcare Cleveland, TN

CERVARIX VACCINE is a vaccine that helps to protect against 2 HPV types that cause the most cervical cancer.  Cervarix is your daughters shot at helping stop cervical cancer before it starts.  Cervical cancer is a serious disease.  Every year, 11,000 women get cervical cancer in the United States.  Most young women are exposed to HPV starting in their teens.  While cervical cancer may take years to develop, protecting your daughter from cancer-causing HPV now can help prevent problems later.  If she is between the ages of 10 and 25, one way you can help prevent most cervical cancer is by getting her vaccinated with CERVARIX.  Since CERVARIX is not a treatment for cervical cancer, it is important that your daughter starts to get routine cervical cancer screening when recommended by her healthcare provider.  It is also important to talk to her healthcare provider about lifestyle changes.  Make an appointment today with LifeCircle 339-1400 to learn more about CERVARIX. 

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